About 669

Our doctors, paramedics, and commandos know what it’s like to land in a disaster zone, knowing that we will be called upon to use our skills to give the best treatment and quickest extraction to those who need immediate trauma care.

Our mission is to teach everyday civilians the life-saving skills that we had to master throughout our service so that everyone in the community has the ability and equipment to do whatever they can to save a life.

This project has a significant social impact, and we are continually receiving feedback and requests to donate more kits. 

About our Life saving Kits:

Our kits are assembled using the highest military-grade equipment, resembling the impeccable standards of medical care within the Israeli Special Forces unit, 669.

Our kits provide the most up-to-date instructions, and supplies to give emergency first aid to those who need it most.

The Life saving Kit comes with an Elegant and professional instruction card.  The kit is be ready and easy to use when a emergency injury happens.

Different cases and Arenas where the kit can be used:

  • Incidents of sabotage
  • Emergency cases
  • Schools
  • Terrorist attacks
  • And more